About Me

So, about me, hmmm where do I start?

First things first, my name is Neomi, and yes spelt, N E O M I. I get the confusion a lot, you know, about the E instead of it being an A. Anyway, hi and welcome to my new lifestyle blog.

I am a 2011 Creative Writing and Journalism Studies graduate and a lover of words! I also co-own a photobooth company (plug lol) with my partner and have a stupid love for trainers and BMWs. My brother always says to me, ‘I never see you in shoes, why do you have so many pairs of trainers’ and I reply with, ‘because I like them’ and it’s that simple (smiley face).

Here at N E O M I F E A R L E S S you will be delighted with inspiring interviews from women doing crazy amazing things in their lives and careers. You will also get a dose of my crazy, (I have awful road rage; I guess you have to living in London) anywho… I will also be posting fashion pieces and a range of other things to tickle your fancy!

Well that’s enough rambling, so go on and have a look around. Be sure to check out my In Conversation With pieces, you never know you might just quit your job, tell your boss to stick it and follow your dreams!

Peace and love


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