My evening at the Palladium – The Wind and the Willows

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enter My friend knows of my love for the Arts and all things creative, and I guess that’s why she invited me out to the Palladium theatre. She knows I haven’t actually been much. In fact, I’ve only ever been once before this time… Lion King… amazing! Anyway, so she invited me out to the Palladium to watch The Wind and the Willows the musical. And it was like God was telling me I need to watch it because on the way home I saw the billboard for it, but what was interesting was, I drive that way home everyday from work and never seen it until that very evening I was going to watch it.

bdswiss beste produktart zum auswählen für anfänger Anywhoo, we got to the Palladium, grabbed some drinks and proceeded to the stalls to find the best seats available, only to be moved about 10 minutes later by someone who had those seats. I don’t know why we thought we could sit anywhere when you can’t even do that at your local cinema lol. So, you know the ‘excuse me, excuse me’ began as we side shuffled out of our chosen row and seats to our ticketed seats. Now these seats were so far in front I could see the stage crew in the back sorting out the different scenes. I was also so close I could see the spit flying from Toad’s mouth as he spoke his lines. But I was grateful all the same for the invite.

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b iqoption I have to say The Wind and the Willows was an excellent watch. I was captivated from the start right till the end. The music, the singing and the choreography were absolutely awesome. The characters really gave it their all. The stage designs and movement created different scenes and ambiances to the play. And the part when the characters were running through the aisles really made me feel as though I was on stage with them. The Wind and the Willows is brilliantly crafted and a must see over the summer season. Perfect for all ages, I could hear children laughing and really enjoying the play, especially Toad, with his crazy and impulsive ways! I have to say, Toad and the Chief Weasel, were my favourite characters. So, if you have some free time over the summer break then go and take a wonder down to the Palladium theatre and catch The Wind and the Willows.

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