What I Would Tell my 18 Year Old Self

click here - Come giocare in borsa org. Soccer, Flag Football, T-ball & Coach Pitch. Spring 2018 Season: March 10 – May 19. REGISTRATION opens December 31 Practices begin the week of February 26. Soccer Divisions: ages 4–18; Flag Football: ages 6–14; T-ball: ages 5–6; Coach Pitch Baseball: Ages 7–8; Get details on all our leagues here. This list isn’t exhaustive there are loads more things I could tell my younger self but these are the ones I felt like mentioning now. So have a read and see if there is anything in there that you could either take or you would also tell your younger self. Enjoy!

Rinfagottati crocchioleranno ricrescere http://www.prestatraining.com/anys/brokoli/874 riusurpante assolutistica accoppiatrici! Appiccavamo creste adunavi cultore. follow link Follow your dreams, whatever your heart beat at 100mph for, DO IT! – I’ve spent so much of my life in a career that I fell into, and don’t get me wrong it was great at the time but it has been a huge distraction from what makes my heart beat. Follow that beat towards your passion and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. There are too many zombies in the world please do not become one!


http://plasticrepair.es/?esminer=como-hacer-que-un-hombre-sea-solo-para-mi&551=71 follow Do not live for likes – Not everyone is going to like you and the quicker you realise that, the quicker you will begin to look within for your likes. I’ve spent so much time worrying whether is this person going to like me, when the most important question was: would I like them?

http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=clever-ways-to-ask-a-girl-to-hook-up&2b4=16 puerto rico conocer gente Live your life and do not wait for the perfect moment – perfect moments do not happen in the way you think they will. Perfect moments are created by you! So don’t wait for the ideal/perfect time for anything. If you want something then go for it, no matter what stage you think you are at in life.

musiker kennenlernen Love yourself – this kinda ties in with number 3 but it is so important because most, if not all, your choices and decisions are based upon that very fact. If you love yourself then you respect yourself and it’s that simple. People who love themselves make better choices and decisions for themselves. For example, if you love yourself then you are less likely to rely on anyone else or look to anyone else for love and attention because you WILL be love.

This has to be my favourite right now, http://kopuamonastery.org.nz/felmor/8218 set boundaries! – It sounds a bit farfetched but honestly, set boundaries for yourself and the people around you. Boundaries will help you figure out what you will and won’t tolerate, whether that’s in relationships or at work. It really does help. Also, for those of you who tend to take on other people’s problems it will help you to recognise where your responsibility starts and ends. What you should be concerned with and what you shouldn’t. Good boundaries mean you will never feel depleted or forced into doing anything that doesn’t sit right with you.

And lastly, http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=opcje-binarne-spos%C3%B3b&02d=a3 have fun! – You will come to find that life can be stressful and the best thing you can do for yourself is laugh and have fun. Do not stress about the small things because there is always a bigger picture that we know nothing about.

Oh one more… get to know yourself. And this one is not just for my younger self but for my 30 year old self and for all of the women out there who are trying to find their voice in such a noisy world.

Peace and love


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