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Edith who is known as EWM stylist has pretty much styled her way to her future. What started out as a want for a modelling career quickly changed to a love of fashion and styling. Here she talks about her career change and loads more, so sit back and catch up with our chat![uid]=238 Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a stylist, a lot of people get that confused like, are you a hair stylist, what stylist are you. So, I am a celebrity and editorial clothing stylist.

go site And how did you prepare yourself for a career in Styling?

I didn’t actually prepare myself, I prepared to be a model. I didn’t get through with that and my friend recommended me to do an internship with his friend’s magazine in 2008, I think. I emailed her and she emailed me back straight away, we met at Browns in central London and we just hit it off from there. That’s how everything started, really. So, what happened on that placement that made you want to be a Stylist?

That day I met her, a lady called Simone, I think she was the fashion editor of the magazine. Idol Magazine, don’t know if you’ve heard of it. We went to the PR showrooms, that was my first time going to PR showrooms and everybody was there. I remember Pixie Locke being there and a couple other artists were there, and they were just picking stuff to wear. And at the time we had to pick something for a photoshoot, and I was just like, ‘oh my god this is really fun’. Who has been your favourite client so far?

Oh wow, Daya, she works with the Chain Smokers; she was actually at the Grammys this year. She’s from the USA and she’s a pop artist, and she’s just become big so fast. So yeah, I think that was one of the best clients I worked with last year. And if you could choose someone to style next who would it be?

Oh my gosh, SOLONGE! I had a feeling; she just looks so dope. I mean not everybody gets her style, but I think she’s very… she’s an artistic genius. But yeah she’s amazing, she is definitely on my bucketlist for sure.

follow link Who’s your favourite designer and why?

For this season, I’d say Vera Wang. There’s a collection of sporty clothing with pearls mixed in together, and I think it’s very different to what we normally think or try to put together in our head. And I just think it’s a versatility everybody can wear; something sporty but fancy at the same time.

see url And how do you ensure you stay updated with the current trends?

Again, with PR companies, they always have press days. They invite me and if I can’t make it they will send me look books and invite me to other events. So yeah, I’m always up to date with current trends no matter what (Laughs).

go to link What 3 must haves must a stylist have in their possession?

Wearing or to take on set? To take on set. Okay, definitely need clothing pins, just in case if a model is quite slim you might want to roll it and tuck it in. They do it on the mannequins (Laughs). You need sanitation wipes or the gel to clean the model’s hands or feet. And the third thing I would say, sticky tape, just in case something is revealing or you want to tape something together. So, cleanser, sticky tape and clothing pins. What 3 things do you do each day that helps with your career?

I check my notifications on Instagram; my notifications are on Solonge, PR companies and designers. I go online and research, read posts and press releases. And the third thing I do is I read BOF Business of Fashion, it’s like everything to do with the fashion world. Everything that is happening behind the scenes. And what obstacles have you faced so far?

Oh god, a lot! Not all PR companies are friendly, some of them won’t give you stuff. Sometimes they are quite funny depending on the publication. Another obstacle, the client, someone who isn’t up there yet wanting the flyest clothing, they want Balmain or this and that. So, I have to coax them and reassure them that I will find something and you’ll look fly, don’t worry about the name brand as such. And the third one would be running from show to show in fashion week, I really want a car now (laughs).

go What are you hoping to achieve being in this career?

To have my own business being a stylist, meaning I won’t have to find clients they find me. So I’m in the process of trying to get with an agency and hopefully get connections through that. So yeah definitely to stand alone.

go here What’s the best advice you have been given so far on this journey?

To share. Anything I come across or any person that I meet that I know can benefit someone else just give it forward. Because you never know who you’re going to meet or what that person can do for you. I feel like in the fashion world, everyone’s greedy. It’s like the more you give the more you will receive from people depending on where you are in the world.

And do you live by any quotes?

God bless the woman with ambition. Because women always get put down like, we should just accept just being a housewife or if we have kids we’re stuck and can’t do certain things.

What inspires you?

Clothes. Art. And just being passionate for what I do.

Any advice for any aspiring stylists?

Try your best to style with everybody possible. Start off with test shoots, I know it’s a bit annoying because you can’t get the clothes. So, you might have to buy your clothes first time round because that’s what I had to do. Email a lot of photographers, if you don’t get a reply don’t feel down about it just keep contacting people there’s so many people out there. Because once they bring you on board you’re going to meet the hair stylist and the different people on set so you can collect information and contacts that way.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Clothes! I love clothes, I’m so obsessed with clothes. Where I used to work before, the first thing I would do is rub the material of the clothing and then look at the label to see what they have used in it.

What was the last thing you bought?

A can of corn, you know, Green Giant (Laughs).

And lastly, where can they find you?

Website: (portfolio website)

Instagram: ewmstylist

Twitter: ewmstylist

Facebook: ewmstylist


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