‘Strong Woman’ poem for International Women’s Day

I am a strong woman
Like the true value of myself
Capable I say
To achieve the very things entrusted to me
A pillar of strength
A direct voice of encouragement
Falter, I shall not
But prosper
I shall
You cannot defeat me
You cannot undress the core of me
You cannot silence me
I am that sure voice of reason
I am that inner voice of certainty
I am that direct voice of encouragement
Try and change me if you will
I shall not be budged
I stand firm in the day and firm in my shadow
I tell you women
Do not doubt yourself
But rejoice in yourself
Create the beauty you want to see
Bask in the glory of ones self
Presenting to the world a work of art
Poised in character and strong in strength
Deduct Negativity
Introduce positivity
You are but a strong woman
Created in love
For all to see
Marvel at the creation
Never shy away
For you are always and forever but a strong woman.

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