The Logan Movie – where do I start?

click Okay firstly, this is not a review but just my thoughts on the Logan movie. Now, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, it was awesome! Flipping 5*, I think. And what made it an even better experience was the DBOX seating at Cineworld. If you haven’t tried it, please go and book now! Logan is not only brutal but comical, Professor X had his moments when he delivered his one liner comments that had the whole of screen 7 in stitches. The couple beside me were having a good ol’ time, munching on their popcorn and laughing their heads off. I also thought ‘Laura’ played by Dafne Keen was awesome, she managed to run through whole teams of men with her Wolverine styled claws and abilities, tearing them to shreds. The anger and menace she portrayed was second to none. She played her part amazingly, she really added that nice surprise twist to the Wolverine story. My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched Logan, better known as Wolverine, fight his way to the end of the film that had me almost breaking down in tears. The corners of my eyes pricked as my eyeball glassed over with extreme wetness, but I held it back. I just couldn’t believe it was the end, like literally. This movie reminded me of ‘Game of Thrones’ (apologies if you don’t watch Game of Thrones) where no one is spared. You know, like in some TV shows or movies the main characters always seem to find a way to survive. And then you watch Game of Thrones and main characters fall like the rain on an April Showers morning. Yep that, in this movie RIP is serious. So, farewell… (I won’t spoil it, although I soooo want to!)

click Would I recommend going to watch Logan… hell yes! If you are a Marvel fan then act like it, go and catch this movie in a cinema near you lol.

une femme cherche son destin dvd Until next time.

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